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5 Realms of Existence – Baha’i Cosmology – Part 1 – Bridging Beliefs

Hey associates. In these days we will be able to the primary video in a video series Bahai cosmology. What’s the Bahai cosmology? It is a gain knowledge of A tremendous constitution, now not from the physical universe however, from the non secular Universe. Compare what are the ontology lessons. Layers of existence; layers actually, Bah’ writings taught us existence. At exclusive times, when i have offered on this, individuals will come next, and they may say, "appear, that was impressive lovely well.There was a lot of text positioned on this examination. Whilst, there is not any more hyperlink Which reports will we do? Some thing regarding how we dealt Our fellow human beings, how will we exit on the planet and maintain social fact ?. "that is important. I need to put this in context. Certainly one of The matters that i have said so in most cases are so primary to realise when A look at the Scriptures (be they new, the Quran, the Upanishads quite a lot of Buddhist scriptures, Hindu books) … When we appear To them, they aren’t with ease representations of moral teachings. They talk about God a couple of relationship with God. They speak about nature An illustration of Jesus Christ. Or they pass truth, or supply us steerage To who’s Krishna; what’s nature Buddha.They seem distinctive The worlds of God. They speak about angels, if will, from Bodhisattva. They speak about Fewer deities, divine beings always the truth, and how our lives, on at the moment, are in This second, regarding this biggest building. Many writings For the goodness of God and the door and Abdul-Baha Shawky Effendi you talk about nature Gods look, or much less prophets, and the way our lives will likely be in step with the teachings of those messengers. Once we seem from The Baha’i point of view, which is the perspective of the team spirit of religion looking ahead to the greater photograph, in case you are, the enormous material The devout heritage of mankind is quite often external participants Hitting my community with what seems to be very complex issues. Method, For instance, apparently Jesus Christ is talking in the New testament It differs from the best way the Prophet Muhammad talks about it in the Quran. The nature of Buddha appears to fluctuate from nature Krishna, for instance a different. God does now not look to be the historic testomony, then it will coincide with the brand new God of the testomony which appears to be a Triple God. Once once more, Brahman’s idea inside the Upanishad appears Be an additional photograph. So what i am hoping to do here is, in case you like, lie Some foundations, as a of a dialog, to take a look at to delve deeper working out what the Bah’ writings, of direction, I feel, seems He says concerning the reality of theology, the fact that God seemed. So from this point of view we are able to come, when you like, now communicate with a greater working out of the new testament, or a greater working out of the Quran they’re Hindu or Buddhist scriptures. We see many fact classes (these layers absolutely, these layers of ontology) can be it is noticeable as one-of-a-kind points of one basic photo that we can extract From the Bah’ Writings. Now it’ll stay to be noticeable. And that i believe what is this This change is offered from a Bahai (or Baha’i) point of view A viewpoint seeking to appear at the Baha’i writings) from the change to what i’m it will be called "shallow cohesion and deep team spirit". See, many men and women will appear at specific world religions and they will say, "well, many of these are exclusive studying doctrines ..You understand the love of the sacred, for illustration. A easy notion holy. And so they all understand how we will have to relate to it Others as a individual. Even though there might be differences in these, maybe These can reach exceptional historic or unique circumstances Expressed cultures. "however, on the subject of the nature of the Messenger themselves; the nature of Christ the reality of Krishna, the truth of Buddha, appears to range. Likewise, the character of the divine world itself is that sacred land.Whether We appear at Hindus if you are going to assume the sacred (Hindus Consumption of Brahman), or Dharma in Buddhism, Or the Lord in the old testament. What’s the nature of the son of God within the new testament, and how it may be reconciled with the concepts represented in The Qur’an, which does no longer seem to be the identical as this being that we discover inside of new generation? Likewise, how does the Trinity inspiration of reality [the Trinity] have Reconciling the character of Jesus Christ with the ancient testament, which does no longer It seems to educate these standards at all? It seems radical distinct, on the surface. And if we likewise would claim cohesion faith, we should be capable to get a perspective where we can see these as fairly one expressions, if you will, the underlying truth. I am hoping to be in a position To show, by means of Bahai Baha’i study the writings .. First of all what’s Baha’i Of path, my view appears to be educating. Then we go from there For talk, no longer on the social level the details of our society, however on sacred.Quite look at what our principles can do they’re, like the Bah’s, the Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism the brand new testomony and the nature of the relationship between Jesus Christ and the daddy. Once we get that basis, then in other movies, in addition, we will be able to be equipped to rely on this video here more deeply working out Bahai theology and cosmology (these layers of ontology). To me We begin to access and allow the bridges to be built between these distinctive societies. In relation to the proposal of learning God The apostles and God’s relationship with him human truth is a reorientation Of what we do as human beings within the world we live in. The analogy that more often than not comes is the Baha’i condo of worship. Various continents, the Baha’is had been created and built these gorgeous monuments, these residences of worship; glorious areas, based locations, the place humans of different traditions can enter and pray closer to God, toward God.They express their love and devotion to this divine being. Some may just I don’t know, however the Baha’i houses are supposed to be a sequence of worship Social dependencies and arms, for those who like. A situation for seniors dispensary medication, health facility, traveller place, academic center and center high education. Typically I had contributors asking me, "k, why aren’t they." developed first? Why are they for instance, there’s a lotus temple, and earlier than we begin constructing a temple in Santiago, why now not building all dependencies around the world Lotus Temple? "and i wish to introduce … We can deal with this more in yet another video. Nonetheless, a is the difference between a A centralistic standpoint of spirituality, fact, and from the standpoint of centralizing the earth religious truth. The centrality of the solar, which means the axis headquartered via the sun and established via the earth means the axis of the earth. What I see inside the Baha’i writings is the fundamental precept the relationship to humanity is the love of God and the imaginative and prescient of that image God is between humans.To look them as an expression of God’s love the sunshine of God, so that now we have a steadfast wish to actually help These other individuals. On the grounds that we are all children of one God, we share one Its great shared non secular heritage is published in quite a lot of memories, this different layers on a glorious fine texture On Gods relationship with humanity. And as soon as that in reality happens, that is Why does the temple or condo of worship come first.It is a relationship, As Shawqi Effendi mentioned, in the beginning mystic, which then results in These other expressions. That is once I’m trying to be a lovely person For others, i attempt to share this divine gentle and this love God is from myself to other human beings. The sun is in the middle first; that The sun of reality glows the divine world, then offers warmth and light-weight Radiology for all different social aspects is a truth. So I suppose that’s why, once we are seem on the Bah’ writings, a lot of which might be prayer. Many Baha’is Writings truely discuss the nature of God and the appearances of God exceptional worlds of reality. So that you can see ourselves as part of this The finest cosmology. Hence, I believe, this dilemma could be very significant, as well the truth that after we get a clearer photograph of it, we can begin communicating and notice the reality and fantastic thing about the new testomony and how Expresses the character of Jesus Christ, after which we are able to see that the new The covenant does now not recognize anything distinct from the Qur’an, although On the skin it is going to appear so.That we are able to then start to communicate and .. "bridging beliefs" it’s the title of my channel. So that you can start building bridges amongst these unique beliefs, you to understand the Scriptures (from earlier exemptions) equivalent to Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, etc. As part These exclusive welds have one huge texture. I consider in that This be taught is in order that we are able to attain the earth ourselves within the Bah’ Writings. And the when we set up ourselves inside the Baha’i Writings, we are able to see that once we start coming into a conversation, for instance, with a Hindu concerning the nature of Krishna, this (how we can see it) or nature Brahman in Hinduism, we can begin to see that this is certainly Its fruits are rooted in Bahai writings. As soon as again, once we start to speak about the character of the station Jesus Christ or the relationship between them God the daddy and the Son within the New testament, we can see this as The fruit of the founding of Bahai writings. This has an addition benefit. Then suddenly we see that we are not trying to be dedicated, and we are attempting To study to fix things swiftly.And notice as if we are attempting Use duct tape to accumulate these various exemptions. We can see that there’s no "shallow unit" where all of those are special Traditions converse of the sacred, and everyone these exclusive traditions communicate of Some divine fact, which can be seen as only a social expression of humanity. Instead, when we come from the Bah’ Writings and spot These deep buildings, we see that there’s truely a secret reality, a The foundation that unites them; this is not clear at first sight. And he Consolidation of what seems to be a diversified idea, an apparently numerous phenomenon That even within the scientific field, he has an episode of fact.The place we can take A series of data aspects, the place we will take a series of recommendations, after which we show that "well, if we had this concept, then all of this definitely looks together." correctly he is tracing the reality. In fact it’s, should you like, a clue of what’s actual. This fashion, we’re not right away looking to workforce them together. We are trying to see what the Baha’i say writings, then from there, branch exit and be in contact with these distinctive exemptions and verify them out influence. There are extraordinary, if favored, units or expressions To the layers of truth and cosmology superstructure if the truth. Some of these are very well recognized to the Bah’s. One is "Ring Ring" or "greatest title" icon. The place are you Three lines, God is supposed to be God and human beings. However there are others inside the Baha’i writings. There is a model from seven domains, The model has nine domains. And we will be looking at these someday, and let’s see how all of them certainly relate to each other. Yes, they are specific Vantage facets, and extraordinary methods of watching at truth (sacred reality) no longer collectively exotic, as you ought to be in a single type or another. Form of, if favored, which you could handiest see it as a duck or a rabbit. Those pix, Gestalt portraits, this switch. I suppose no there this way, after we to check out to segment what is that these say writings, when we get bigger and A better picture, all these distinctive models come collectively. We begin to look they’re specific points of one image; some are higher resolution and some are cut down Precision. However they’re all rather fairly looking to switch to us one centralization thought, one chain of critical concepts, should you like.I believe it’s functional Doing this is what we can then pick up something like an Upanishad From the highest tables, and also you start to peer it The graphics that we find within Baha’i writings. We begin seeing why Buddhist scriptures are the same, and why does the new testomony speak of the way yes it is. So we are going to look on the other units, however we will begin what we’re going to do just call the "5 Fields mannequin", a basic hierarchy of the non secular world. And in For this first video, I just wish to capture two speedy lanes of reality The seven valleys and the other from the long obligatory prayer. Many of these possibly this watch adopted the compulsory prayer part probably hundreds and hundreds and even hundreds and hundreds of occasions.This is without doubt one of the three the need of the Bahai faith. When we say this prayer, we say, we will see to which all creatures have seen Globalism. Concourse on peak additionally visible. Inmates of all of the bigger paradise they also witnessed, and past them, the tongue of greatness itself superb horizon, this is what you are God’s artwork, there’s no god however you. So right here we now have already started. We created matters – 1, Concourse On the heights – 2, the inmates of Paradise – three, in the back of them the tongue of greatness Himself from all wonderful horizon – four, that you’re God and that which was Hidden thriller manifests itself.And that this man or woman was manifested it is he who by way of letters B and E are certain and joined collectively. Here we now have in the long compulsory prayer stages which are expressed. That is, in case you want, the elemental map that we will begin to make use of. We will now soar speedily To a move of the seven valleys. Accordingly now we have Nst, the human world. Kingdom, Archangel, Jabbar, Empire of Heaven, and Lht, Heavenly court.Now, none of this is to speak about God himself. So, in which means, we look to have 5, if preferred, ontology layers, layers of existence. Once as soon as once more, now we have the human world Nst, our kingdom of angels is a kingdom, Paradise Paradise is mighty heavenly court Lht. What we are looking right here is that we already have the human world, all created matters, Malakiyah that’s customarily inside the Bah’ writing, speaks of a scholar The angelic world. So we’ve a high-angel meeting location, company The best paradise is the imperial paradise past them the tongue of heaven itself Lht the Heavenly court docket. ..You might be God. And that there is this that regarded here by means of The letter B and E are hooked up and knit together. Now, again, that is One explanation or presentation of this subject, we will be able to seem at A sequence of exclusive costs. However I need to recommend, at this point, that we start appear on the Bah’ Cosmology (layers of existence, layers of ontology, cosmology) this implies the great constitution of the universe) from this point of credit, from this is, should you like, the idea of these 5 specific worlds.The time period you want within this structure, it is mainly used for absolute divine reality is Hht; a world is an international that one. So, we’ve got truth God is uncertain [heavenly] Lht court docket (which i’ll endorse it’s God displaying God’s tongue the greatness of the person who joined and bonded collectively Letters B and E. Then we do you may have this world or Imprin Prisoners of supreme paradise, the dominion of the kingdom of angels or Worlds beyond this world, and commonly in a way, we will be able to to find that these are, in a single feel, special domains or layers surely. And even as they’re truth stations, Being stations. In some approaches, this must be the case. Seeing that we see the appearance of God, let’s assume that is it really from heavenly court, that these are beings if you happen to like, right here, representations of that one were proven for letters B and E become a member of and bond together. Exhibit up in this world. And this entity, a Gods appearances, right here in a geographical location, when you like, but they are Being station.And we can see this more and more. Since of The definition of an angel within appears to be Bah’ Writings a The challenge, or degree of fact that may be accomplished in many specific worlds. And for this reason, we will cut right here on our first temporary investigation. And i need to Emphasizing that this is very difficult and an extraordinarily wealthy gain knowledge of I wish to go to through, to be in a position to make us better comprehend the truth of spirituality Worlds, in order that we will middle our lives, ideas and dedication On the divine, then we see it flowing into the relaxation of the sector. But on this The case, as it allows for us to arrive our brothers and sisters within these exceptions [religious groups] we see this precedent Dispensations (comparable to Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and many others.) are fairly distinct This identical sequence of pictures is narrated, these equal general concepts that they are expressed within the Baha’i Writings.Thanks very so much.

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5 Realms Of Existence - Baha'i Cosmology - Part 1 - Bridging Beliefs

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5 Realms of Existence - Baha'i Cosmology - Part 1 - Bridging Beliefs

Part 1 of a multi-series presentation on this subject. Time stamps below 👇
Spiritual Cosmology examines the structure of reality, it's different stations and realms of Being: God, Angels, Manifestations, Prophets, etc
We explore its importance, how it furthers world unity, and lays out a basic Baha'i model.


1. 0:31 Introduction
2. 2:01 Unity of Religion Problems
3. 3:41 Shallow Unity
4. 6:26 Heliocentric vs Geocentric
5. 10:52 Inherent - Not Ad Hoc
6. 13:09 Different Models
7. 14:59 5 Realms Model
8. 20:02 Conclusion

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